Into the lush volcano landscapes to see the fertility of the real Gran Canaria 

Our tour starts in the remote north-east of Gran Canaria.
This volcanic themed location has specific minerals found in the lava which support rare forms of vegetation. A small stream flows down the valley all year around and in the rainy season reforms the landscape and sustains the jungle-like vegetation with the humidity and moisture it needs.

One of the highlights is, of course, the possibility to spot a lot of Kestrels, such as Hawks or Buzzards. This is due to the fact that they have a lot of "food" in that valley, which translates into small rabbits and, their main course, lizards.

When we reach our picnic spot, if you're not too hungry and are able to share a tiny piece of your sandwich with them, you'll even be able to feed the lizards by hand! 

The tour ends with a visit to the famous cave village of Guayadeque, where you'll be able to explore some old cave houses and taste a variety of the typical products of the area, such as the famous sweet wine "Abogado".


  • 7 Km
  • 250 Hm. Ascent
  • 250 Hm. Descent
  • Difficulty 1.5
  • This tour is done every Wednesday

Route profile

Click on the link below to download our Route profile made with the Suunto Traverse Alpha. You can upload this file to your smartphone or watch.