Hike description

Hiking in Gran Canaria to the realm of mango and avocado farmers.

Our hike starts in the small village of Veneguera, where we can also see the largest Cardón of the island.

Afterwards we walk along a valley full of mango and avocado plantations, also known as the green gold of the island. On the hike, we see some abandoned farmhouses and imposing rock formations, but one of the highlights is of course the colorful wall of the Azulejos, which belongs to the nature reserve of Inagua. 

After our little picnic we continue to the other side of the valley, where we can enjoy a variety of flowers and views to the sea. A hike with a unique view of the west side of Gran Canaria.

Hike Specifications

  1. 7 Km
  2. 400 Hm Ascent
  3. 400 Hm Descent
  4. Difficulty level 2
  5. This tour is done on demand