Hello dear friends! We at Hiking World Gran Canaria want to show you our island from a perspective that you will never forget; one you don't know yet and which shows you the real Gran Canaria.  Normally, the holiday passes by for all of us with endless days on the beach, delicious food and enjoying the great nightlife.  But stop! There is another side of the island that remains hidden for most tourists, and that is exactly what we want to show you with our exclusive gay hikes.

Did you know that we have one of the last laurel forests in all of Europe on our island? 

Or that there is a mystical valley called the Kestrel Canyon, where not only do we see birds of prey and giant lizards, but there even runs a stream with drinking water? 

Maybe you’ve even heard about the new Netflix series, "The Witcher"... A large part of it was filmed on our island, as on the Roque Nublo.

And that's exactly what we want to show you with our gay travel excursions. Gran Canaria is a hiking paradise, not only due to the great views, which even make us see Tenerife or Fuerteventura with good weather, but also for the richness of our ecosystem. We have so much diversity in our nature, and it’s our passion to show you all about it!

With our gay hiking tours we not only promote fun and wisdom about nature, but we’d also like to use the opportunity in order to create a setting to meet new people. Nowadays, most human contact happens through digital media, which is great, but it also contributes to the loss of interaction, feeling and sensitivity.
And that’s why we came up with our idea! We don’t want people to forget the old ways of engaging with one another. Surprise yourself with a new experience and try it. Life is there to live it, and what would be life without getting to know new people, different cultures and new places?

We would be delighted if you’d join one of our gay hiking tours.

Our Gay hiking tours are available in English and German. 

The price of each gay hiking tour is €60, which includes:

  • Pick-up from your hotel or apartment: The time of pick-up is always between 8:00 and 9:00, depending on where your hotel is located, but we will inform you about the exact time of the pickup.
  • Meals: A wholemeal bun with avocado, salad, cucumber, cheese and Serrano ham (on demand, there are vegetarian or vegan options), fruit and water.
  • Hiking poles: Always included, Komperdel hiking poles, Austrian's finest.

Necessary to bring with you:

Good footwear, with a good profile: Ideally would be hiking shoes, but we know that these sometimes do not fit in our travel suitcase. A good trekking or sport shoe with profile is also possible. Nevertheless, we also offer professional hiking shoes for rent, €4 a pair.

Windbreaker or similar clothing:  normally the temperatures should not be a problem, we usually have 18-22 degrees, but in the mountains, in our "winter" time, sometimes it can rain or become a bit cooler, that's why a coat or jacket is always a good option to bring along.

Backpack: It's important to bring a backpack with you, in order to be able to carry your water, food and everything you want to take with you. Anyways, stuff that isn't necessary can be left in our bus.


Crater & Wine: The Bandama Crater

This our exclusive Gay hiking tour. The Bandama Crater and its nearby vineyards. 

We start our circular hike at the highest point of the volcano, at a viewing platform, where we explain everything about the formation of this young crater. 

After that, we begin with the descent into the only inhabited Volcano of the island. You may ask yourself, who would want to live in the middle of an isolated volcano? Well, you'll get a chance to find it out! Not only do we encounter a house, but the person who lives there also has a small farm and a few animals to see.

Due to the unique location and isolation, there is a fantastic vegetation which grows on a fertile volcanic soil, large lizard colonies and many vineyards all around. Somewhat hidden in the crater basin, are also 2 hollow caves where we take a short break. The ascent takes about 45 minutes, and afterwards we'll go to a nearby winery to taste the region's famous Lista Negra and Lista Blanca grapes, which come in the form of a good glass of wine. As we previously mentioned, the Canary Islands have a volcanic origin, and that's why the wine is also completely different and has a particular taste. 

From there, we'll make our way back to the southern part of the island. You'd be back at your accommodations around 16:30 - 17:00.


  1. 6,5 Km
  2. 280 Hm ascent
  3. 280 Hm descent
  4. Difficulty 2
  5. The tour is done every Thursday