Hike description

Hiking to famous the volcanic vineyards and the only inhabited crater of Gran Canaria

We start our hike at the highest point of the volcano, from a viewing platform. There, after being overwhelmed by the views for a few seconds, we explain everything we know about the origins of this unique crater, and as we begin to hike and descend into the crater, we will also see that it is the only inhabited volcano on our island. 

Due to the unique location and isolation of this place, we will encounter fantastic vegetation, large lizard colonies and many vineyards throughout the area. This hiking region is known for a special endemic grape, called "Listan Negro" and "Listan Blanco".

Somewhat hidden in the crater we also encounter two caves, which we can explore a little while we take a short lunch break. From here the ascent takes about 45 minutes where we hike back up, then we go for a short drink or café in a typical bar from the area.

Hike Specifications

  • 6,5 Km
  • 280 Hm Ascent
  • 280 Hm Descent
  • Difficulty 2
  • The tour is done on demand