Welcome to the homepage of Hiking World Gran Canaria.
Our team has been living and working in the tourism sector on the Canary islands for over thirty years. Six years back we were presented with the opportunity to make our hobby, Hiking, to our profession. After successful years of working for Free Motion, the biggest Bike & Outdoor Center on Gran Canaria, we took over the Hiking department and started our company.

Since May 2016 we work as an independent company with various hiking guides. Alongside all of our team we are very happy to be able to keep sharing the fantastic flowers, plants and other treasures that this island has to offer with our clients and friends.

As for our company, we promote the engagement of our client with nature. Our hikes aren't only about taking a walk through a trail, but to experience with all your senses the magic of nature. You'll be able to see, smell, taste and feel the uniqueness of Gran Canaria.

But for us, the most important feature that we can provide is our customer service. We've made it our goal to always satisfy our customer wishes, bringing them to the most beautiful areas of our island, showing them the most impressive landscapes, flowers, plants and impressions, while always keeping the fun as the main focus of our tours. 

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If you've got any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. You can find our contact information at the bottom of the page. 

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See you soon, Berg Heil !